Playing volleyball on a beautiful beach, unique landscape, extremely hospitable locals, delicious food,

unforgettable sunsets and a diverse cultural and nightlife.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading!


This international beach volleyball camp will be led by pro coaches and players, including Slovenian coaches Satler brothers and Danish coach and our co-organizer Peter Lyø, who will share their experience and knowledge with participants from Denmark, Slovenia and other countries. Camp with 7 days of pro training twice a day (morning and afternoon) will offer you lots of free time during the trainings to explore the island, socialize or to enjoy the beach. Crete is the largest and most popular Greek island, which in addition to stunning beaches and diverse nature also offers countless activities.

Price: 265 eur per person per week, excluding transportation and accommodation.

Early Bird discounts:

  • 10% discount on booking dates 60 days in advantage,
  • 5% discount on booking dates 30 days in advantage.

Date: 14 May – 20 May 2022


The sunny city of Chania is one of the oldest cities, located on the northwest coast of Crete and is known as the greenest part of the island with extremely rich and varied history.

The port city of Chania is also called the “Queen of the Mediterranean” and the “Jasmine City”.

According to number of visitors, it is the most beautiful place in Crete, which enchants you with paradise beaches and bays, crystal clear sea, excellent food and lively cultural and nightlife.


Estimated travel time is 9 days, as trainings will take place from Saturday to Friday. You need to arrange accommodation and transportation by yourself, so here are some tips for getting the very best deal on your hotel stay.

These are some of the most affordable hotels located near the courts (prices from 20 EUR per person per night):


Flights tend to be the most inexpensive when you book between three months and three weeks before your departure date. As the departure date nears, the prices gradually increase, so don’t wait until the last minute to book your flight. Currently, return flight tickets are very affordable, as prices range from 70 EUR onwards.

The nearest airport is Chania (CHQ) and you can book your airline tickets directly with or Google Flights. Based on past experience, Ryanair offers the best tickets from Bergamo (Milan) or Budapest.

We are of course at your disposal should you require any further help.

The number of participants is limited to 30.

Minimum age limit is 16 years.


PETER LYØ (Denmark)
Co-organizer of Lyø Beach Camp, beachvolley coach
Playing career:
175 international matches for The Danish Volleyball National Team
50 international matches for The Danish Beachvolley National Team
Coaching career:
Danish National Beach volley coach – part time
Danish National Beach volley coach /  5-th World Championships 2011 with team Soderberg / Hoyer
Coach for Norway Team, Hoidalen / Kjemperud
Coach on 75-th FIVB World Tours
12 time Danish Champion as Volley and Beachvolley Coach
Coach for German team Walkenhorst / Koreng
Coach in Norway ( Future) for team Rio /  Tokio
Est. and development of  ”Lyø Beach Camp“ company:
Est. of the company (see at
La Santa Sport (Lanzarote – Spain)
Alanya (Turkey)  More than 50 Camps
Mallorca (Spain)
Camps in Greece
TINE SATTLER, PhD (Slovenia)
Volleyball Department, Faculty of Sport, University of Lj.  
2008, 2009
(Turkey-Antalya) and 2016 (Greece-Chania): Coach on Lyo Beach Camp
Founder, head of organisation and coach on Slovenian beachcamp  (
Coach of Slovenian women national champion team
Coach of Slovenian best Men’s team (Pokeršnik/Zemljak) on FIVB World tour
Coach of Slovenian best Women’s team (Kotnik/Lovšin) on FIVB World tour
Coach of Slovenian national teams (Youth, Junior and Senior)
Coach of Qatar national teams (Youth and Junior)
Coach of Slovenian clubs (Brezovica, Olimpija, Calcit Kamnik, Salonit Anhovo)
Coach of JT Thunders – Hiroshima, Japan (3rd in Championship)
ROK SATLER (Slovenia)
Assistant coach of the ACH Volley Ljubljana team
Playing career:
Four-time national champion of beach volleyball 
Multiple national champion of beach volleyball in junior categories
8 years as a player for Slovenia national men’s volleyball team
National champion as a player in Germany, Austria and Slovenia 
2006-2007   Winner of the European competition CEV CUP
Coaching career:
From 2020 assistant coach of team Zemljak – Pokeršnik (FIVB World tour)
Assistant coach of 16-time national volleyball champion ACH Volley Ljubljana
Est. and development of  Slovenian Beachcamp“:
Since 2010 co-founder,  head of organisation and coach on Slovenian beachcamp (